New Miniature- Moyen Litter Arrived August 25th!

We bred our  Black Moyen Poodle named Nellie to Kassel's Joker.  He is a beautiful Cream Stud from Kassel's Poodles in Augusta, Ga.  The pups were born August 25th. She gave birth to 7 beautiful Miniature puppies.  She has 4 blacks, one cream, one red and a sable phantom. These puppies are now ready to go to new forever homes.

As of December 15th, 2017

We have a Black male puppy for sale. He has a splash of white on his chest. He is 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 13 pounds at almost 4 months old.  The limited registration price for him is 800.00.

We have a little Black female puppy for sale.  She is solid black. She is smallest of the litter.  Her bite is not perfect.  She weighs about 9 pounds.  The limited registration price for her is 500.00.

We have a beautiful Apricot female for sale.  She is the 14 inches tall and weighs about 14 pounds.  She is offered for sale with full registration for 1200.00.  She should mature at 17 inches.

If you are interested in one of these puppies for Christmas email me at faith063@att.net or call and leave message.

All puppies are up to date on shots.




We are adding to our Eden Family.

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Our Breeding Program

We have been breeding Standard Poodles for over 15 years. I have been a groomer for 45 years and picked the Standard Poodle to breed because of their intelligence, health , beauty and faithfulness.  We breed dogs that are intelligent, love children and get along with other pets. We believe that temperament is of utmost importance to our breeding program. Our puppies are raised in our home with our family.  All of our dogs are crate trained. We begin crate training our pups at 6 weeks of age. We have our breeding dogs x-rayed for hip problems and test the eyes for PRA. We deworm our adult poodles and our puppies on a regular basis.

We have added Moyen poodles to our breeding program.  These puppies will mature to a size between 16-19 inches and weigh in at about 18-25 pounds.  A great size for a townhouse or owners with small yard space. We are expecting Black, Cream, Red and Parti colors. Please remember that when you purchase one of our puppies it is your puppy for life. It is a big commitment so please take your time and be sure you are ready. The saying goes that you can't buy love. I disagree because with the purchase of one of our puppies all you get is LOVE!

We have Standard Poodles puppies living all over the United States and in Puerto Rico. Some are pets, some are service dogs, and some are hunting dogs. All are happy dogs!

We also offer all breed grooming services by appointment only.  Contact Us or just give us a call.