Dog Breeding

We will post our new litters when they are whelped.  Don't forget to get on our waiting list if you want a puppy this fall.

Dog Grooming

I have been a professional pet groomer for 45 years.  I groom at Wellspring Animal Hospital in Covington on Monday's and Tuesday's.  See below for more info.

Grooming area

Our Grooming Services

I have a grooming room at my home and I am accepting new pet customers by appointment only in my home.  If you live in Centerville, Snellville or Lithonia my home location may be convenient for you.  I give one on one attention to your special family dog and take standing appointments only.  Grooming includes the bath, nails, ears. I use premium shampoos and conditioners on my dogs and all the dogs that I groom. I have medicated shampoos as well as all natural shampoo and conditioners.  If you would like more information about grooming or would like to book an appointment please message me with the breed and type of service that you want groomed.  I can give general quotes but I will need to meet the dog for exact price if the dog is matted. I charge a 10.00 mandatory fee if your dog has fleas, this fee is to cover the capstar flea medication given.

See this page to purchase the products I use on the dogs that I groom.

Some of our Eden Pups

This is one of our first litters of pups with my nephew. Long time ago! He is getting married in August. Oh, time does fly!


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